Choosing the Right VA Disability Benefits Lawyer

For some people, claiming disability benefits can be a thorn in their hearts and understandably so. Accomplishing all the paperwork only to get rejected in the end is indeed difficult. If your application for disability benefits was denied, getting a lawyer to assist you through the appeals process can produce a positive result—you simply have to choose the right one for the job.

With numerous lawyers fighting for your attention through websites and print ads, it may be challenging to figure out where to start. However, here, the “don’t judge a book by its cover thing” rule applies; don’t be lured by flashy websites or leaflets. You need a lawyer whom you can trust and depend on especially when the going gets tough.

Look for a lawyer with extensive experience in veterans disability cases. Determine if he or she has the depth, knowledge, and skills to wheedle his/her way through the process of appealing your veterans disability benefits. Check if he or she has a good track record when it comes to turning the case in his or her client’s favor.

Checking and reviewing testimonials of other vets may also help you make a decision. Lastly, it may help if you hire a lawyer who can devote time and energy on your case, not one who handles a smorgasbord of cases.  


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