Important Details About the VA Disability Compensation

Being accorded the hero status sometimes isn’t enough for the men and women who have unselfishly given their service to protect the country. As some of them carries a disability or injury incurred while on, or as a result of being on, duty, they may need financial assistance from the government.

The disability compensation from the Veterans Affairs office is given to veterans who have returned from their tour of duties. However, this is not automatically provided, and instead would have to be applied for. Even then, there’s no guarantee that it will be approved. In a nutshell, here are things you should know about this VA benefit:

Service-Connected Disability – These are disabilities incurred while on duty, given a rating of 0% to 100% indicating the gravity of the injury. Those with service-connected disability can file for the VA Disability Compensation, a tax-free monthly payment ranging anywhere from $127 to $3,100 every month.

Additional Compensation – The compensation to be received by the veteran may go past the established ceiling under certain specific conditions, such as having dependents and if the severity of the injury results to a loss of limb. A disabled spouse also warrants additional compensation for the veteran.

The entire process may turn complicated for the applying veteran, which is why most of them usually hire the services of a Veterans Disability lawyer to help them with the processing. Legal assistance could especially come in handy for those who would like to appeal a denied application.


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