A Guide to Benefits for Benefit War Veterans

The United States is peppered with veterans who fought for democracy and the country’s beliefs. There are different veterans from different wars, and all of these soldiers sacrificed much to achieve their objectives and help their country fight beliefs and systems that are disparaging people’s rights to be free.

However, it is also due to their sacrifices that these same veterans need help. Disabilities sustained during the war come in all forms and sizes, and each case needs varying degrees of financial aid.

Fortunately, the federal government has established programs that will help veterans of varying situations get by with their lives more comfortably. These programs have different benefits which all aim for the betterment of a disabled veteran’s quality of life.

Disability Compensation

This is a tax-free benefit which means to aid veterans that sustained or aggravated a medical condition due to active service. Any veteran that experiences a physical or mental condition should not hesitate to ask the VA for compensation.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

Death is an unavoidable reality of war, and this becomes more painful if the perished soldier left a loving family behind. This benefit is meant to aid the spouse and children of the lost soldier.

Special Monthly Compensation

This type of compensation is for veterans who have specific needs. Loss of a limb while on duty usually qualifies a veteran for this type of compensation.


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