Presumed Eligible for Just Dues

Of all the connections you have to establish to be granted service disability benefits, the presumed-service angle seems to be one of the hardest. Outlined for veterans who were on duty for at least 90 consecutive days, presumed-service connections are, by definition, for disabilities with effects of at least 10% that were sustained over the course of the term of service. A list of disorders that may be accepted for consideration of disability benefits is available under federal regulations, but the presumed-service links can fall under certain categories.

Prisoners of war may suffer some form of illness during their captivity that are influenced by their surroundings. Ex-POWs who went at least 30 days with their captors are presumed to have suffered nutritional deficiencies such as irritable bowels, beriberi, and osteoarthritis. Disabilities due to cancer are possible if the veteran was engaged in duties involving cancer-inducing substances, such as handling nuclear devices or chemical agents.

The presumed-service connection may apply to veterans of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The Veterans Administration rules that those who served in both campaigns may have contracted Gulf War syndrome. Some medical professionals note that the symptoms associated with the term include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and headaches, among others.

Being stricken with an ailment while on duty is all but debilitating to the service person, their loved ones, and their unit. A disabilities lawyer will be a trusted ally to acquiring their benefits. 


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