Major Benefits for U.S. Veterans

There are over 20 million veterans in the United States according to the most current statistics. Each of these veterans are entitled to certain veterans benefits, which come in different forms. These benefits are either separate or an addition to the basic pension and veterans’ benefits based on military service.

Disability Compensation

If there’s one reason Americans look up to soldiers as heroes, it’s the fact that they are constantly putting their lives at risk. Whenever they get injured or afflicted with an illness while in service, they are entitled to disability compensation. As of December 1, 2013, the amount ranges from $130.94 for no dependents to more than $3,500 for married veterans with children.

Health Care Benefits

Veterans are eligible for free or low-cost hospital and outpatient care services, provided those services are identified as “needed” or will promote, preserve, or restore health. Illnesses or injuries that are not service-related can be covered by this benefit. This benefit also offers coverage or treatment for special cases like blindness, Agent Orange exposure, and HIV/AIDS.

PTSD and Others

Veterans’ benefits also include treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PSD) resulting from the upsetting experiences while in service. Other benefits include housing and home loans, business loans, job training, counseling, and burial. All of these are given in expression of the veterans’ service for the country’s defense.


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