Filing a Successful Veteran Disability Benefits

Recent news have reported a growing number of veteran disability claims filed in the last five years. Military veterans with service-related disability may qualify for up to $3,100 in monthly benefits, provided they pass the eligibility requirements.

Veterans who would like to claim for veteran disability benefits should be advised on the necessary steps they need to take to have their claims filed and approved. The first consideration is that a veteran should have served the military for a certain period of time and should have incurred considerable physical injury while he or she was on active duty. Mental or physical injury made worse subsequently after one’s tenure would also be a factor for a successful claim, but any such claims of injury should be backed up by a licensed doctor who should also be able to attest that the injury sustained is a debilitating one.

The amount paid to a veteran will depend on the level of disability and the veteran’s number of dependents. Additional amounts may be paid with severe disabilities that include loss of limbs, or when there are dependent parents and children. These benefits are tax-free.

Every claim is scrutinized for validity and authenticity. Conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), for instance, is hard to diagnose. As such, one should be wary using PTSD as a reason for claiming veteran benefits. Hiring a professional disability benefits lawyer can help you in your situation should you justifiably need support and compensation for your injuries suffered as a result of your active service in the U.S. military.


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