Disability Lawyers Can Help With Benefits Claims

Although things may look difficult for veterans with disabilities, they can offset them by applying for disability benefits from the government. Claiming them, however, can be a long process. Each claim goes through rigorous checks to ensure that only the deserving get them. This requires an applicant to fulfill all the conditions required, including complete documentation of both their military service and their disability. The VA will review these documents and decide on the proper benefits to award the applicant. Some claims can be rejected or be assigned less benefits than expected.

If you have filed before, were rejected, and believe the decision was unfair, you can file an appeal. Experienced veterans disability lawyers can advise you on the proper steps to take. They will help you file a notice of disagreement with the VA, in which you specify the part of the decision you disagree with. This is an initial appeal, and the same committee that dealt with your original request will handle it. If you are denied yet again, then you can send a request to the Board of Veteran Appeals.

Further appeals can still be made after the initial decision. While it can be a tiring, tedious process, having an advocate an expert disability lawyer by your side will give ensure that you aren’t missing any essential step and that you’re giving your case the best shot it deserves.


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