The Qualities of a Good Disability Benefits Lawyer

Filing for disability benefits claims can be a long and tiresome process. There are many obstacles that a veteran or his/her family member can face when making disability claims. When the veteran ends up getting less benefits than he would’ve been entitled to, it’s a good idea to seek assistance from a disability benefits lawyer. The question now is: what do you look for in such a lawyer?

  • Accreditation. Ask the lawyer if he/she is VA-certified. Usually, this may be presented on the lawyer’s profile on his/her firm’s site. You should always cross-check with other resources, however, to be sure. The law dictates that a lawyer must be accredited by the VA in order to assist in claims.

  • Experience. This one is a given. Ask the lawyer regarding his/her experience in handling claims. It’s not just about the length of time – the results are more important. Ask the lawyer for references, ideally past clients, who you can ask about their experience with the lawyer’s service.

  • No upfront fees. By the Equal Access to Justice Act, you should not have to pay any upfront fees to a lawyer for their assistance in the claim. Find a lawyer that will only collect upon winning the case.

There you have it. There may be other specific concerns you might have, such as accessibility from your locality and such. It’s surely advantageous to you if you find a lawyer with the right qualities so always keep these factors in mind.


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