The Role of a Consulting Doctor for Your Claim

A consulting doctor can make or break a Social Security disability case. However, there’s a possibility that doctors hired by the Social Security Administration (SSA) will often find themselves siding with the finding that the claimant is not disabled. While the doctors may not work for the SSA directly, they are being paid by the latter, and thus they might favor the denial of benefits.

Should you place your full trust in a consulting doctor, then? The safe answer would be no. In fact, you need to be very wary of such offers. Too often, doctors who examine SDDI claimants end up making notations that are not helpful (and at times even damaging) to the claimant’s case. Thus, when you go to a consultative Social Security exam, you need to be aware about two things: first, that you may be being examined by an SSA-affiliated doctor, and second, that you shouldn’t be afraid to express and detail any problems with your health or mobility.

Fortunately, the SSA isn’t the only one who can have professional allies. Early in the disability claims process, it’s best to involve the help of a professional disability lawyer. Call the office of an SSDI benefits attorney right away for a confidential appointment.


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