Qualifications for Veterans Disability Benefit

The former servicemen and women of America all deserve something better for their selfless service for freedom and peace, which is why it can be painful to see veterans who suffer from crippling disabilities as a result of their battle injuries. Fortunately, the government has seen fit to offer recompense to those veterans with infirmities in the form of a disability compensation, as per the Veterans Benefit laws. While the compensation is certainly welcome, applicants first need to qualify before they can receive the remuneration.

There are three main factors upon which a veteran’s qualification for various benefits is based on. The three are: (1) length of service, (2) which tour the veteran served and when, and (3) the veteran’s discharge characterization. Those veterans applying specifically for disability would be glad to know that there is no minimum service requirement or period of service to restrict their access to benefits. Passing the basic requirements, however, does not mean that disabled veterans will be automatically granted benefits.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) can be very strict about who and who does not receive the benefits, even to those who meet the already lenient requirements. The VA can even determine that an applicant does not fall under the description of a “disabled” person, consequently denying him or her benefits. Former servicemen or women faced with these issues should turn to legal aid to submit claims for reconsideration.


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