What Benefits Can Veterans With Disabilities Get?

After their many years of service to the American People, it is only just that they are properly compensated. Here are some of the benefits that the Veterans Affairs (VA) awards our men and women of uniform:

Medical health – Amongst the common disabilities that veterans suffer from are spinal cord injuries and disabilities. There are currently 24 VA-operated Spinal Cord Injury Centers that will provide expert care such as rehabilitation, specialty care, surgeries, primary care, and preventive care. Other disabilities that require the need for prosthetics and sensory aids like artificial limbs, wheelchairs and optical devices, will also be supported by the VA

Mental Care – VA also provides counselling and treatment for cases of trauma (in any form) and other psychological and mental illnesses that have resulted from their time of active duty.

Assistance – VA can provide family members a monthly pay to help them with care expenses, or they can make available certain services such as caregiver programs, in-home care, and even family support services.

Other benefits would include reimbursement of travel costs, dental care, work assistance programs, and many more. Because the application for a claim can be tedious, it is advisable that they seek legal help from a lawyer. Caring for this nation’s veterans is only a small act of gratitude for their immense contribution to ensuring the safety and welfare of the entire country.



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