Are You Eligible for Disability Benefits?

Did you apply for SSI disability and got rejected, or are you considering making a fresh application? There will be a long list of procedural requirements you may have to go through before your claim is considered. In addition, reports of slow application processes, frozen payouts for disability benefits and other complications have all but marred the system.

It is important to understand, however, that not all ailments are entitled to disability claims. So before applying, you may want to ascertain your eligibility. For example, a simple search of the Military Benefits website will reveal the disability evaluations accepted as service-related injuries; you should also have been discharged honorably. If you or your ailment do not fall in that category, you almost certainly won’t be approved.

For instance, in December, 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that obesity can be classified as a disability. While this may stand for some European countries, you cannot claim benefits since you don’t get obese in active military service.

If you’re just starting the application, it will help to consult a disability benefits lawyer first for some valuable advice. With some helpful tips on what to include in your application, you are more likely to get approved on your first try. If you have a legitimate claim but it was denied, a lawyer can help hasten the appeal process and reach a decision on time.


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