Eligibility for Agent Orange Disability

Back in the Vietnam War, the United States military employed a mixture of defoliants and herbicides known as “Agent Orange”, which were sprayed into heavily vegetated combat areas. It was only found later that “Agent Orange” contained a dioxin byproduct that had disastrous health effects on military personnel exposed to the chemical mixture.

Benefits to Vets Exposed to Agent Orange

Myleoma, soft-tissue sarcoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and certain forms of respiratory cancers are just among the diseases that are traced to Agent Orange exposure. In line with this, the Department of Veterans Affairs has offered disability and health care benefits for vets exposed to the harmful chemical, along with a free health exam known as the Agent Orange Registry Health Exam.

Eligibility Requirements

Only recently, the VA had expanded benefits eligibility to over 2,100 Air Force and Air Force Reserve personnel who might have been exposed to Agent Orange. Generally, a veteran applying for disability benefits needs to produce a medical diagnosis for an Agent Orange-related disease, proof of service in Vietnam or near the demilitarized zone in Korea during the specified periods, and evidence that the disease began within the specified deadline set by the VA. Veterans and their families are encouraged to seek the help of veterans disability lawyers in facilitating their claims, and guiding them through the process.


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