Types of VA Benefits a Disability Benefits Lawyer

Veterans who were in the military and now suffer from an emotional, mental or physical disability might be eligible to receive disability benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Disability benefits lawyers can assist them in obtaining the benefits they’re entitled to. There are two primarily categories of VA disability benefits, and a disability benefits lawyer can help veterans determine which type they are entitled to. 
Service-Connected Compensation

Veterans whose disabilities were directly caused by their military service are usually eligible for what is known as service-connected compensation. This type of compensation aims to help veterans whose disabilities were obtained or worsened due to their military service. It is not subject to being offset by any other income, which means that he or she could still collect revenue from other sources without having the amount he or she receives from the VA reduced.

Non Service-Connected Pension

Veterans whose disabilities are not necessary connected to their military service are sometimes able to receive a non-service-connected pension from the VA. This pension may be offset by other revenues, but it assists veterans with meeting the minimum income amount allotted by federal law.

A disability benefits attorney will not only help veterans determine their eligibility for any of these types of compensation, but also assist them through the entire application process to better guarantee a successful outcome.


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